Club League Racing

Club League Races

Club league races are held for members each month on Sunday mornings and cater for skiers of all ages and abilities---adults, children, teenagers, seniors, veterans, beginners (including “minis”), improvers and advanced skiers (including veterans!). 

Club Championships

The Club holds Club Championships at the end of the season with prizes across a range of abilities and ages. Naturally the better skiers are given time handicaps for certain events so that people of differing abilities are competing fairly against each other. This makes for great fun and friendly rivalry on the day. 

We provide recreational race training classes for adults at special sessions on mid-week evenings, which include skiing through Slalom gates and GS courses.

Check out the Racing Calendar for the season:

9th October, 2016

13th November, 2016

11th December, 2016

15th January, 2017

12th February, 2017

12th March, 2017

End of Season Races will be on 2nd April 2017, click here for more details. 


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