Covid FAQ's

31 March 2021

COVID FAQs      11.09.2020

When will we reopen?

The Ski Club of Ireland will reopen for members on September 21st 2020, and for lessons on October 5th. We will be delighted to welcome you back.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Government guidelines now recommend that individuals wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where social distancing may be difficult and where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet. We are asking clients to wear a face covering while indoors at the ski club. Face coverings will also be required for snowboarding beginner classes. Bring your own!

Two Forms that need to be completed before arriving at the Ski Club

  1. Please complete the attached Covid-19 Self Declaration form
  2. If you have not already completed a waiver, please do so by clicking on this link.

What COVID-19 measures have you put in place?

As part of our COVID-19 response we have been busy planning to make the club as safe as possible for our members, volunteers, staff and clients when we re-open.

The measures we have devised are based on Government and other Public Health advice.

Here are some of the things we are doing to protect our clients and team:

  • Online booking and payment system
  • One-way traffic in ski club buildings
  • Sanitising stations throughout
  • Social distancing throughout the building
  • Social distancing in ski classes and on the slopes
  • Glazed screens on client-facing desks in the office
  • The ski dispense team will wear face coverings
  • Reduced activity and slope capacities
  • Smaller ski and snowboard classes
  • Regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces
  • Sanitising of all equipment between sessions
  • Restricted numbers in Ski Club buildings

We will be reviewing these against the most up-to-date Public Health guidance as it's released.

Is it safe to return?

The safety of all who come to the Ski Club is our priority. We have spent months planning our safe reopening. Along with the glazed screens, face coverings, one-way systems and social distancing you’ll now be used to seeing in your daily life, we have taken additional steps to ensure your safety.

  • All equipment is now sanitised between use. This includes skis, boards, and boots.
  • Additional cleaning now takes place throughout the days we are open, especially on commonly touched surfaces.
  • Before reopening to members and in due course the public, our staff and volunteers will undergo training for operating safely in a Covid environment.

How will social distancing be maintained?

We have reduced the number of people on each of our slopes and indoors thus facilitating social distancing. Class sizes will be somewhat reduced so that there is more social distance between those attending classes.

Signs and distance markings remind people to keep the appropriate distance apart.

How will the one-way systems work?

Signs and markings will indicate the one-way flow in the ski club and its buildings.

What do I do with my shoes/valuables while I'm on the slope?

We ask skiers and snow boarders to bring a bag to store your shoes and which you can leave under a bench in the ski dispense building or you can store in a locker. If you intend to use a locker, please bring a one-euro coin with you to operate it.

What do I wear?

People taking part in snowsport activities should arrive already dressed in their own suitable clothing to wear i.e. waterproof jacket and trousers. You'll need thick socks and gloves. It is compulsory to wear gloves on the slopes. In addition, those attending snowboarding beginner classes will have to wear a face covering throughout the class.

My child has a birthday coming up soon, when will I be able to book a tubing party?

We love hosting tubing parties but unfortunately the current restrictions don’t allow us to host events like this. We will bring them back when the restrictions are lifted.

What's happening with Kinder lessons?

Child lessons will be available for children aged 7 years or more when the ski club opens. Children younger than 7 years will not be taken in lessons for the time being. This is due to the need to accommodate social distancing. This will be under continual review and we hope to open up the kinder lessons to younger children as soon as we are able to do so.

Why it is necessary that I book online, and pay by card?

Advance bookings online allow us to better control the number of guests in the ski club, reduce transactions needed face to face in the office, and minimise the need to handle cash.

What time should I arrive for my lesson?

Please aim to arrive with enough time to check in and get your equipment. This process will take longer due to our Covid measures in place for your safety. Currently we recommend you arrive at the ski club check in at least 45 minutes in advance of your lesson.

This includes walking from the car park to the ski club (10 minutes), queueing for check in (10 minute estimate), getting skis or snowboard and boots that are appropriately sized for you (10 minutes), putting on boots and organising your belongings (15 minutes). This will ensure that you are ready to join your class on time and enjoy it.

How do I collect my ticket?

When you pay for your class online you will receive a confirmation email of payment and being booked into a class. This is your class ticket. You should bring a print out of the email or use a copy on your mobile to check in to the class when you arrive at the ski club.

What do I need to bring?

You'll need to arrive dressed in warm, waterproof clothing. Please bring a rucksack or sturdy bag to store your footwear while you are on the slope. Please also remember to bring a face covering, stout gloves and long sport socks.

Lessons include the hire of ski boots/snowboard boots, skis, snowboards and ski poles. Skis and boots are sanitised after every use.

Where can I get ready?

In line with the latest Public Health guidance, we are not able to provide changing facilities at the current time. Guests should arrive dressed ready for their activity. Guests can change into their ski or snowboard boots in the ski dispense area and should bring a rucksack or suitable bag to store their footwear and belongings.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The following information is needed to ensure you are provided with the appropriately sized equipment: your shoe size, your height and your weight. If you have not provided that information already online, please have it ready when you check in.

How do I return the ski or snowboard equipment?

When your session has ended please follow your instructor to the ski dispense building at the exit doors. You will leave your skis or snowboards here so they can be sanitised.

Please enter the ski dispense building via the office door and take off your ski or snowboard boots and put on your own footwear. Please buckle up or lace up the ski or snowboard boots and leave them on the dispense counter. They will be cleaned by the team behind the counter. It's important that used equipment is left in the right place to allow our team to sanitise it effectively.

Is there anywhere I can sit and have something to eat or drink?

There is a clubhouse which provides somewhere to sit. However, there is a maximum limit of people allowed in the building so you may not be guaranteed a seat indoors. There is additional seating outside the clubhouse.

There is no food available for purchase in the ski club so if you intend to eat, please bring something with you. There is a coffee machine in the clubhouse. Again, access will depend on the number of people in the clubhouse at the time.

The clubhouse can be used by spectators subject to the limit of people allowed in the clubhouse at any one time.   

I can ski - can I just head on to the slopes?

You will need to book a practice session online and check in before using the slopes at the ski club.

In order to be allowed to ski outside of a class you must be able to control your speed and direction, link your turns and stop as well as be able to use the button lift unassisted.

If you are deemed by Ski Patrol not to be of the required standard for a particular slope, you will be directed to a more appropriate slope.  


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