Determine Your Skiing Level

Have a look at our new video to determine your ski ability by clicking here.This naturally depends on how much you’ve skied already and the level of your technical ability. If you’re still not sure about your level after you’ve reviewed the information below or what classes are best for you, give the office a call and our team will be happy to find the right level for you to get started.

Level of Ability: 
If you’ve never skied before, then simply join the Beginner series of classes.
Level of Ability: 
If you’ve had four Beginner Classes at Kilternan, or had a week on snow with tuition, the Improver classes are best for you.
Two weeks’ holidays on snow with tuition, we suggest you join our Intermediate series.
More than 3 ski holidays abroad with tuition, come to the Intermediate Clinic Classes.
Level of Ability: 
If you’ve had lots of good snow experience, our Advanced Skiing Parallel Clinics or Carving Clinics will help you refine your skills to challenge the blacks and steeps with more confidence and get into the bumps and powder.