TY Ski Instructor training course starting on 21st September

21 September 2022

Below are some details about the an IASI Level 1 Ski Instructor course and the next steps that need to be taken to enrol and hold your place.  There are a total of 20 places available and there are currently 15 students expressing a desire to take part. Please click on the link at no.3  below to secure your place to avoid disappointment. 

You will need the following prior to starting the programme: 

  1. Student membership of the Ski Club of Ireland for the season 2022/23 (www.skiclub.ie), can be taken out in September. 
  1. Associate membership of the governing body for Snowsports instructors, IASI ( www.iasisnowports.ie ), can be taken out in September. 
  1. To have enrolled and paid for the course through the Ski Club of Ireland ( https://bookings.skiclub.ie/Courses/AttendCourse.aspx ) 

Who are the education team:

  • This course is run by Professional IASI Ski Instructor Trainers called Educators, who will train and assess you on the 6 official IASI Training and Assessment days.
  • Please note, you CANNOT miss any of these dates or you will not be able to qualify.  Please do not sign up for the course if you are not available for any of the official dates! 
  • Our own Kilternan based IASI qualified volunteer Instructors will facilitate guided practice on the optional group practice dates. 

How much does it cost:

  • The IASI programme costs €600 for the 6 official training and assessment days, the guided practice sessions are free of charge. This is payable to the Ski Club.
  • To obtain your IASI license you will need to have a basic first aid certificate.  Many of you may already have this from other activities/clubs, if not, it is easily obtained when it is time to apply for your licence, so don’t worry for now.  These courses are not expensive in most cases. 

Other requirements that we can sort out during the season:

  • Under government legislation, you may be required to get Garda Vetted and complete a Tusla online Safeguarding Children course.  These are free of charge.
  • We will also provide free training in areas such as Ski Patrol, and setting up skis and boots (Din setting).
  • You can complete the training and assessment aged 15 years, but you may not get your Licence until you are 16 years old.
  • As part of your IASI Level One license, you will need to complete 20 shadowing hours.  These can include shadowing lessons given by other instructors and helping generally in a ski school environment.  We will facilitate and assist in arranging this for you during the season (this does not need to be completed before the assessment days but ideally would have been, the available sessions to shadow will be dependent on the ski school schedule and will require prior agreement of the session team leader). 

The commitment needed:

  • It is important that you and your parents realise that there is a level of time commitment for this programme if you are to have a chance of success.   Not only is it essential for you to complete all six IASI days, but it is important for you to practice as much as possible during the programme.  
  • In order to complete the required 20 hours shadowing in a ski school environment, most students dedicate a morning or afternoon at weekends for the season helping out.  In the past the trainees all have bonded and made friends with their peers and really enjoy this lively and exciting experience. 
  • This is a Professional Qualification, one that will enable you to teach on an artificial slope or in a  Snowdome.  It is also a step on the ladder to obtaining the Level Two qualification, which would enable you to teach in some Ski Resorts abroad (rules vary from country to country). 
  • Due to the professional nature of this qualification, you must be aware that there is a required standard to pass.  Failure to achieve this standard can result in students being required to repeat all or, more commonly, part of the assessment at a later date.  This can be disappointing.  In this event the Educator will provide guidance on the areas where improvement is required. 

We feel it is best to outline the commitment required at this stage to manage your expectations and encourage as much effort as possible from the outset.

This course also counts towards your Gaisce award if you are interested in that element, it’s a “new skill” for the award. 


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